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Retouch Review

Expert Services | Photographer Austin, Texas


Little Details

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We review your feature concerns when it comes to your photo being taken. We consider all the options before using Photoshop. You will have final approval on the retouched work.

It's the little details that make us unique. It's also the little things that stop us from using a nice photo. We look in the mirror every day, we notice small things that bother us every time we look in the mirror and yes sometimes we're the only one that’s bothered by the little thing.

We sit down and review with you the little things. If there is something that bothers you about features that you can show us in past photos, great, let us know so we can address them.

We'll discuss all options from posing, angles, clothing, lighting and even Photoshop to address those little things. If it’s never discussed our photographer may miss it. It happens. This review will be one step closer to you getting the photo you really want.

If you don't like the photo we don't want you to buy the photo. We want to create something you will want to buy and enjoy. That's just a smarter business practice.

Real Quick

We review your features and discusse any concerns you may have while educating you on your custom retouching options.

  • 15+ Years of Digital Design (Adobe Photoshop)
  • 10+ Years of Graphic Design
  • 15+ Years of Photography


If you’d prefer to not talk about your feature concerns, you have the option of writing them down or not addressing them it at all. Please let us know before the session. Some people just are not comfortable talking about their concerned areas.

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