Wall File ($249.99)

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Little Details

  • Resolution (3600x5400 pixels per inch)
  • Print any size (Wallet to Poster Size)
  • Unlimited Personal Use
  • One Time Purchase
  • Share Online
  • Versitile

Potiential Uses

  • Unlimited Wall Prints | 24x36, 20x30, 16x20, 11x14
  • Unlimited Album Prints | 8x10, 5x7, 4x6, 2.5x3, 1x1
  • Extras | Wallets, Holiday Cards, Business Cards
  • Email, Social Media, Personal Website
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • *We sell you the digital file. To have prints made,
      choose any print lab and pay them to create the
      desired number of prints or cards.


The Wall File is the largest digital file we offer of a photo. This is a cost effective solution for people who want to create large wall art for multiple locations, holiday cards, desktop prints and still be able to share the photo online with coworkers, friends and family members.

When you purchase a Wall File (Digital File) your options greatly increase. There are so ways to print this file it can be over whelming, from displays of art on your wall, to a print that will fit in a locket. You’ll have the digital file so it’s up to use how you print it.

The digital file can be emailed to friends and family members, it can be shared on sites like Facebook and Flickr. It can be saved on your phone or placed in a digital frame that rotates.

If you are more into a special type of print paper you can use your home printer to print a photo. When you purchase the digital file you are removing use from the process of printing. The ability to pick and choose where the file is printed for your friends and family members becomes yours.

Real Quick

The largest digital file we offer. You can create as many prints from this file for friends and family as you need.

Pricing May Vary

Please check your photo gallery to order the Wall File version of one of your photos. Discounts and prices may cause the price to change.


A digital file may need to sized and prepared in certain ways for different printers for it to be printed successfully.


This product is not available for medium and large group sessions.

Current Specials

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  • Photo Cards

  • Album Prints

  • Wall Prints

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  • Album File

  • Wall File

  • Screen All CD

  • Album All DVD

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  • Server Time Extension

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